Postpartum Support

I believe that families deserve community and support at all times, but especially during transitional periods such as the postpartum/newborn period.  I am here to offer a non-judgmental ear, troubleshoot challenges, and generally have your back as you navigate your new family life.

Virtual Postpartum Support

As an experienced doula, I will be there to support you throughout your entire postpartum journey.  I will guide you through the postpartum period, knowing you have someone you can reach out to, any time. 

The Matrescence Project at BBB

The Matrescence Project is a prenatal educational program aiming to support and gently guide individuals through the transition phase a woman goes through when she becomes a mother. We strive to create a space that is safe, nonjudgmental, and meets you where you are; provides necessary support and practical tools; celebrates the diversity in each person’s matrescence journey.  Brought to you by Emily Phelps.

"Before-and-After" Support Package

  • One (1-2 hr) prenatal meeting on childbirth preferences

  • One (1-2 hr) postpartum meeting

  • Access to exclusive online membership area

"A la Carte" or Package Care

  • 1 session for $19

  • 3 sessions for $49

  • 6 sessions for $89

TummyTime! and Infant Massage Class

The TummyTime!™ Method is a scientific, evidenced informed program developed to uniquely address the needs of babies in the newborn to precrawling stage of life.  This method lends itself to healthy nervous system function, a strong bond between infants and their caregivers, and a calm and relaxed baby.

*FREE virtual classes through Zoom, Thursdays from 12-1pm EST

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