My name is Rebeca. I'm local of Bloomington, Indiana and after some bouncing around in my childhood am happy to have roots in and serve southern and south central Indiana. Some have called me a 'jack of all trades', but my passion is serving my community in a wide variety of capacities.

I believe all families deserve support and community throughout their lives, but especially during major transformative experience like giving birth or making decisions about whether or not to grow your family. I strive to personally meet families in their physical and emotional space to provide educational support in the form of supplementary childbirth education, informational handouts and a wealth of knowledge about local family service resources. I provide emotional support through reliable communication and prenatal and postpartum meetings, and physical support through comfort measures and attendance at your birth. All support offered by Passion Flower follows three basic principles: only you know what's right for you and your family, you and your body are deserving of respect and reverence, and there is nothing more powerful in this world than connection with another human.
Supplementary to and entwined with my doula work is my work in perinatal fitness and henna art. On the fitness side, I am a certified Dancing for Birthâ„¢ instructor (I'm currently teaching! Click here for more details). I nurture community togetherness through my work was a henna artist. You can usually find me at the local farmers market doing henna by donation, and I love to do henna at events and parties (especially blessingways and first moon celebrations!).

When not doing the work I love so much, you can find me at my local rock climbing gym, getting my hands on that new book I reserved at the library, or hiking somewhere near water.

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Rebeca Greenan