Birth and Bodywork

Leah Rose has been working as a postpartum doula since 2010. Her recent certification with INNATE Postpartum Care has taken her skill set and ability to care for her postpartum clients to the next level. In-home, she offers moxa box treatments, castor oil packs, abyanga warm oil treatments, herbal sitz baths and yoni steams. All of these gentle, warming treatments facilitate deep healing in the

Abyanga is an Ayurvedic body therapy, which uses gentle touch and warmed organic sesame oil to move the lymphatic system. At Bloomington, Birth and Bodywork, Leah Rose is offering Abyanga warm oil treatments for both postpartum mothers and those outside of the childbearing spectrum. Leah Rose is also a certified Reiki Master and is able to incorporate this energy work into the Abyanga treatments.

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Leah Rose Hagen