Birth and Bodywork

It is an absolute joy to be able to do my heart's work: supporting mothers and their families.

I have been drawn to babies since all my life, doing my best to connect and make them smile even as a child myself. While living with a family through their last three months of pregnancy and first three months postpartum I was guided in a "right place right time" moment to take a Postpartum Doula training. It confirmed for me what a major part of my Work is on this earth: supporting the next generation by taking good care of the Mommas. 

It is an absolute necessity, not a luxury to have postpartum support. 

In the fall of 2016, I took the INNATE Postpartum Care training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga. This has taken my postpartum care to a new level, for I am able to offer Warming Therapies alongside the household help. I also offer a class on the basics of postpartum healing, "INNATE Postpartum Care: The 4 Essential Elements of Postpartum Healing." 

In my work supporting families postpartum, I saw how essential good food is! It lead me to start the business Nourish: in-home chefs and in-home catering. Originally intended for childbearing families, Nourish now serves all people and all food preferences.

In November of 2016 I completed the SoulCollageĀ® facilitator training with Audrey Chowdhury- this was a dream of mine after discovering the SoulCollageĀ® process and making cards with my mom for nearly 7 years. I facilitate public and private groups & workshops in the Bloomington, Paoli and Indianapolis, Indiana areas. 

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Leah Rose Hagen