Welcome, friends! My name is Katelin Hope Vesely, and bringing my practice "Gypsy Hope Tarot and Reiki" to Bloomington Birth and Bodywork allows me to nurture the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of my beloved community.

Raised in Bloomington, I graduated from Harmony High School while beginning to take courses at Indiana University. After obtaining degrees from IU in Art History, Studio Art, and Arts Administration, I began working for the College of Arts and Sciences as a Computer Support Specialist. In July I gave birth to my first child, and I named her Annie after my friend who taught me how to read Tarot cards and Runes.

It was nearly 20 years ago that Annie gave me my first Tarot deck and introduced me to card reading and Rune divination. During college I spent 4 years working at a new age gift shop, learning about and selling gemstones, crystals, tarot decks, and other metaphysical tools. I began studying Reiki under Christine McKenna Eartheart, and became a level 3 certified Master Practitioner in 2015. I am currently apprenticed to Christine in order to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

I view the art of divination using Tarot and other tools as a way to call on the divine and/or psychological aspects of one's life, in order to help the individual consider different pathways and perspectives. I utilize my own resources and experiences from living and studying within this community, and design a written plan with which I can advise my clients. I keep a copy of this reading on file so that we can access this information during future sessions.

My research on the mineral compositions of gemstones and crystals led to a study on vibrational healing of chakras, and eventually to the biomechanical effects of healing using Reiki. The practitioner uses loving touch to channel energies, which clear the flow of energy patterns disrupted by illness or mental/emotional stress. Different minerals can be measured to have distinct vibrational levels which correspond to different chakra centers, and by utilizing these gemstones and crystals I can enhance the healing powers I project.

In the last few years I’ve developed my practice Gypsy Hope Tarot and Reiki (named for my Czech Bohemian heritage) as a profile alongside my other professions. I’m excited to join with Bloomington Birth and Bodywork because I feel our combined efforts can make this world a better place, beginning with prenatal care and continuing ad infinitum towards health and happiness!

Katelin Vesely


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