Kari Cantrell

Kari Cantrell is a licensed massage therapist, professional birth and postpartum doula, and educator for Bloomington Birth and Bodywork, LLC.

Since receiving her education in psychology and neuroscience from Indiana University in 2010, Kari has been fascinated by the connection between the mind and body.  This fascination lent itself to the pursuit of a career in massage therapy, where her study of the effects of touch on the body and the nervous system was further extended.  Within her first year of practicing as a massage therapist, Kari had the pleasure of working with one particular client throughout the full term of her pregnancy.  It was through this client that Kari was introduced to the concept of a birth doula.  Immediately interested in the seemingly obvious benefits of such a service for laboring mothers and their partners, Kari went on to participate in birth and postpartum doula workshops and student appretinceships through Bloomington Area Birth Services in ____.  Her passion in supporting families as they transition to life with a new baby has grown into


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